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Daggerfall broke the mould when it was first released. This game was special, and it will always hold a place of honor that I think my generation would all most assuredly agree.

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Looking for that latest patch for the game to stop those annoying crashes? Or perhaps a save game editor to ‘adjust’ your stats. Whatever type of Daggerfall file you are looking for, you can most likely find it here. The files are ordered by general type and sub-ordered by the date on which the file was added to UESP. Get the latest and previous Daggerfall patches and official game utilities released by Bethesda. This patch contains all previously released patches as well so this is all you need to update from any previous version.

Editors used to change statistics and values in the game Gold, Skills, Attributes, Items, etc. Retrieved from Daggerfall Save Games. Feel free to submit your ZIPed save game, along with the relevant details. A very well designed character with lots of interesting and unique magic items and spells.

GLopez aol. A very high level, completely hacked character. Captain Moronic. Savegames just before you pick up the mantella for each of the possible endings. Character is unhacked except for the lockpick skill because I was getting aggrivated having to bash down every other door :- Bill Faulk. Morthag is a brave paladin, a kind of special knight that assemble the sword and magic in the fight for the good.

They dont fail in any mission and try to help the people so far as they can. They will go any distance to defeat Daedras and undeads. And they follow a very rigorous code of honor. He hasn’t failed ANY mission!

People in Anticlere react well to him. Has not yet started the main quest. The only cheats used were a bio editor to create custom biography and the show all dungeons cheat because one of the artifact quests refused to mark the dungeonon on the map. All primary, major and minor skills maxed out and all miscellaneous trained to at least Owns all books and potion recipes.

Revered status in Daggerfall, Wayrest, Sentinal and home town of Santaki owns a large house there. Only cheated to lower skills to get a higher level Ghash is a cured werewolf, but his mind is still perverted as if he was still a werewolf. He likes the smell of fresh blood and did recently kill knights in the town of Tsetoaret, Dragontail Mountains, and about civilians.

When he didn’t want to kill anymore guards he went to a nearby pub and got real drunk, when he finally got sober he couldn’t remember a thing. Dennis Nystrom. Has lots of jewelry for the same purpose, but it is all worn. Is currently on the Wayrest Painting quest.

About 51 million gold, most in letters of credit. Have been told this is a legitimate character, not merely a pure cheat, which is entirely possible but how likely? Keophex is the essence of evil.

She murders for fun, actively tries to end life any way possible, and loves to fight dirty. I have made a LONG custom bio for her in the history , which describes the dementia rather well. Basically, her goal is to get a complete set of the Artifacts the Daedra Princes send her to get. If you could “join” a witch’s coven, and go up rank, she would be a “Master Witch”. Basically, do quests for Wroth coven until you can afford to summon a Daedra, do it, get the artifact, store it, and start again.

She currently has 7 artifacts acquired in this manner. Ebony material is her thing, and she’s currently looking for a full suit minus helmet, of course of ebony. Keophex prefers the Bow and Fist style, but currently uses an Ebony Longsword and an Ebony Kite Shield, as she doesn’t want to master anything yet.

Never once has she died, unless the game messed up, Just be sure to read the history before you play her, it really makes you understand this character’s psyche. Keophex does not mingle with mortals, except Mordastyr Yeomsmith, the leader of the Wroth Coven of the Wrothgarian Mountains. Kral is the typical ‘good’ knight, except he uses his hands and a bow instead of a blade and a shield. Starting skills set to 0 so I could reach a higher level.

Owns a large boat and a house in the Glenpoint capital. Is a member in a bunch of guilds, most of them rank 9. Over 60 million in various banks, obtained without stealing or cheating, mostly from selling dungeon loot. Around 14 artifacts, and a good set of custom magical equipment and spells. No cheating used except to reduce skills. Dave Humphrey. The same character as listed above, except he is level 31 and a full blown vampire now!

All attributes are now at Definetly not someone you’d want to mess with The same character as listed above, except he is level 31 and now a werewolf!

Game starts out while he is in the werewolf form, having just slaughtered a guard. To change to werebeast form you can cast the Lycanthropy spell once per day. You stay a werebeast for 24 hours and you must kill an innocent once per month or your hitpoints drop to 4. Great reputation with everyone and ALL bribes for totem. Most of the money was received from stealing stuff from the Odd Blades. Most levels and stats attained with an editor. Owns a large boat and is well into the main quest.

David A. Is immune to paralysis, spell absorbtion in darkness, magery x2, Expert in HandtoHand, inability to regerate spell points, critical weakness to disease. Has over 2 mil gold in credit in his medium size house in Crossing, Wrothgarian Mtns. Also has a full suit of Mithril and Dwarven in the house. Owns a small boat which holds most of the books in the game. You’ll have to play it to find out what they are! All magic jewelry. Jason O’Brien.

Has tons of magical equipment, most of it stored in the house or wagon. It was originally written by Donald Tipton. For further information see the THAW. HTML file within. Source available here. More editors and utilities for viewing Daggerfall textures, editing quests, modifying monster difficulty and more. Read the DFTools Readme file for more information.

Translations of various Daggerfall binary files to a XML format. To be used by Daggerfall modding and other related projects. These sites are no longer available. However, the content can be seen through the Wayback Machine internet archive, and may still be useful. Jump to: navigation , search. Categories : Daggerfall Daggerfall-Files. DaggerfallSetup is a ready-to-play Daggerfall install compatible with modern Windows Systems originally compiled by Ancestral Ghost , now maintained by Daneel The game already includes patch 1.

Unofficial fixes, quests, translations and utilities are also included as optional installation components. Current release is DaggerfallSetup 2.

Official Daggerfall release available directly from Bethesda’s Elderscrolls. The terms of use for this software may be found in the distribution. Last and final official patch v. Copy into your Daggerfall directory and execute. Beta Save Game Repair v1. Repairs damaged save games which may cause errors in Daggerfall. TXT to see everything this program does. The latest patch v1. Additional artifacts and quests.

Old Patch v1.


Daggerfall download windows 10 free.The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall

Although there is no multiplayer co-op, Daggerfall is not about playing with friends. Fortnite Battle Royale. Linux Distros. To view reviews within a downloaad range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar.


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Download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for Windows & read reviews. An addictive sequel for The Elder Scrolls fans. An RPG set in world rich with magic, myth, action and adventure. Have you spent summer days under a tree looking around imagining the Shire, Rivendell.

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