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Release October 30, Downloads Windows Check out the system requirements for further details.

Download sdk windows phone 8.1 free

Windows Phone Update and Emulators The Windows Phone Update Emulators package adds additional emulator images to an existing installation of Visual Studio or Visual Studio Update 2 or later. With this update installed, you can create and test apps that will run on devices that have Windows Phone ing System: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro. Trusted Windows (PC) download Windows Phone SDK Virus-free and % clean download. Get Windows Phone SDK alternative downloads. May 29,  · The Windows Phone Update Emulators package adds additional emulator images to an existing installation of Visual Studio or Visual Studio Update 2 or later. With this update installed, you can create and test apps that will run on devices that have Windows Phone ing System: Windows 10, Windows


Download sdk windows phone 8.1 free


You may want to set those properties such as Title , Count , BackTitle , etc. You might also check to see whether or not a tile already exists before trying to create one by using proper exception handling and update the pre-existing tile instead. If you run the application and toggle between the various tile sizes as shown in Figure 5, you will see how each tile behaves. Download the source code for this article to review demos of the Iconic and Cycle tile templates.

In Windows Phone 7. This has changed in Windows Phone 8, as you can now set the lock-screen background programmatically as well as register your app to update the lock screen notification area. In this section, I’ll show you how to do both. Again, you’ll start with a Windows Phone app and target the 8. Make sure that you leave the ConsumerID and TaskID as they are listed above, as that registers your app to be available in the LockScreen menu under settings in the operating system described in Figures 6 and 7.

This is where you add an image a 38 x 38 transparent file to be used as the device lock image and point to its location with the following line. Now you have a lock screen notification icon, but you still don’t have a lock screen image to test out the new functionality. If you don’t have one available, download the source code for this article and use mine you’re welcome to do the same for the lock screen notification icon. You’ll add the LockScreen.

All that is required for setting the background image on the lock screen is the following code snippet:. In this sample, you first request permission to change the lock screen background image. By default, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to set the lock screen background image without the end user granting permissions first.

If the permission is granted, you set the SetImageUri property to resource in the application which, in this case, is the LockScreen. The user now has a new background image. This could be very powerful if you added a Background Agent and scheduled a new lock-screen image periodically like the Bing application does. However, you’re not done yet, so let’s go ahead and look at the code to update the text and count in the lock-screen notification area.

Go ahead now and add the last two code snippets to the two buttons’ Click event handlers and then run the application, but return to the Settings screen of the OS and tap Lock Screen. You can now change the background and the notification, as shown in Figure 6 and Figure 7. If you deployed the application and ran the last two code snippets, the screen now looks like Figure 8 after the device has been locked. You can also change the language and voice with a few more lines of code.

In this example, I’ll use the built-in English language and the Male Gender. In this sample, you’ll ask the user to navigate forward or backward and give them a hint of which words are available to use next or previous.

Once the user has spoken a word, you’ll display it in a MessageBox. They can also use the voice commands to deep link into a page inside your application by holding down the Start button and speaking a prefix, followed by a command. I have added a sample of this sample code you can download for this article. You now have an idea of how to get up and running with the Windows Phone 8 SDK, of the additional tools included, and three new features supported by the SDK.

As you can begin to see, this release is a milestone for Windows Phone development and lights the way for how big mobile programming will become in the years to come.

I am definitely excited to be a part of both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in its current state, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two wonderful platforms. My Subscriber Account Advertise Write. Training Home State of. Staffing Home Looking for Staff? Looking for Work? Contact Us. Dark Kimbie. Published in:. Some of these features include New tile sizes and templates that let your app use the new small and wide tile sizes along with a couple of new templates A lock-screen background image provider and the ability to choose to add your app to the lock screen notification area Advancements in speech recognition that make the app read text to you as well as understand text that you speak to it I have specifically targeted these three features as demos, as I’m sure you want practical examples that you can use in your next real-world app.

This comes with several templates to jumpstart your development efforts. This also works as an add-in if you already have Visual Studio Pro or later installed. Optionally, download the SDK separately if you already have a version of Visual Studio installed. You can use the Web installer or download the. Figure 1: These are the default templates for a Windows Phone app. The Panorama control is a long horizontal canvas that extends beyond a single screen.

The Pivot control lets you switch between views or pages within the app. Emulator Options After you select any template except the XNA template , you are prompted to use either 7.

Simulation Dashboard The Simulation Dashboard allows you to test your app in multiple conditions, such as various bandwidth speeds or no Wi-Fi connection. All of these new features allow you to test your app with real-life scenarios. Other Honorable Mentions Although it’s not new to Windows Phone 8, Microsoft provided a built-in Store Test Kit for making sure that your application is marketplace ready, as well as Windows Phone Application Analysis that includes app monitoring and profiling.

Starting with Tiles One of the major features in Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 8 expands on these advancements and provides three tile templates out of the box. Flip Tile: Similar to the look and feel of Windows Phone 7. Iconic Tile: A new template based on the Windows Phone design principles that let you present content when your app isn’t running.

Cycle Tile: Used to cycle through up to nine images. Relative ; fliptile. Relative ; ShellTile. Relative , fliptile, true ; In this snippet, you create an instance of the ShellTile class and select the first tile that it found. Figure 5: These are the various tile sizes available in the FlipTile template.

Small: Contains the count, but does not display any text or flips to display content Medium: Shows text as well as the count and flips to display additional content Large: Very similar to medium tile except you can display additional lines of text.

Add these extensions just under the Token category. Viewed 20k times. Since this is RTM update and windows phone 8. To download the full local installation package 3. Musa Haidari Musa Haidari 2, 5 5 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges.

Check the Visual Studio Web Site. MikeW Actually there is a website for windows phone developers dev. Also refering Microsoft Download Center microsoft. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default.

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NET, etc. So which is the truth? I noticed that there are workaround for install sdk 8. Are the steps similiar? I can live without the emulator but would want to have the template and be able to open windows phone 8.

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